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In this modern era, gold is not only used for direct payment and symbol prosperity. It even transforms into something more functional and Karatgold Coin (KBC) is just a proof.

About KBC

Karatgold Coin (KBC) is the first cryptocurrency in the world that uses gold for the coverage. The coin is also based on blockchain technology and applies protocols that meet Ethereum standard. The “coin-to-gold” and “gold-to-coin” protocol applied will change the entire cryptocurrency market from Bitcoin to Ethereum. The gold that is used to cover the coin will be stored in September 7th 2018 in Hong Kong in a department the KC Bank. This is truly a country with proven high-security deposits. The Karatbars International GmbH where the KBC comes from will buy gold and advanced gold mining in Madagascar through trading fees. Each of the coins comes with certain weight and karat of gold. The coins will be exchanged for physical gold and in the cash gold form.

Why Choosing KBC?

There are many reasons to make KBC as the best investment in cryptocurrency industry. This coin will be suitable the most for them who believe that despite its traditionality, gold is secure and true. Moreover, it is also precious stuff with a value-stable medium. The KBC is created to enable the users to utilize it in various electronic payment. It is not only possible for the users to exchange the coin into a physical gold but it can also be exchanged for both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies worldwide.

In addition, conducting transactions within the KBC ethereum is really safe. The Karatgold Coin (KBC) trading system is well secured so that there is nothing to be worried about losing your investment. Not only that, all the important data of the users will also well protected and no one will be able to steal the info and misuse it for irresponsible purposes. The blockchain technology also makes it possible for the users to conduct fast transactions and low in cost.