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Best Bosses in the UK
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Making tough decisions is part of being a CEO; it is basically in the job description and this also includes firing employees. But, it is important to remember that they are also human beings like everyone else and want to be loved. Research shows that a good boss can make a difference in the staff’s choice to continue working or leave. Listed below are some of the best bosses in the UK, according to employee opinions and votes:

Donaldson- Metro Bank

The CEO of Metro Bank climbed up really quickly and has received a 99 percent approval rating from his people, which is considerable.

Ingham- Page Group

In 1987, he joined Michael Page as a sales and marketing consultant and has moved up the ranks since then. He became the CEO in 2006 and is highly praised by his staff.

Temple- Schuh

The managing director of Schuh, Temple presided over the acquisition of the footwear store by Genesco, the US retailer. He is regarded as a good boss by his people.

Montserrat- Kantar Worldpanel

In 2009, the Spanish businessman got the top position at another WPP company, Kantar Worldpanel. His approval rating is also about 99 percent.

Buttress- Just Eat

More than a decade ago, David Buttress became a part of Just Eat and it was in 2013 that he gained the job of CEO. His employees have given him a very high rating.

Ahmad- AKQA

At the age of 21, Ajaz founded AKQA and still retains the position of CEO even after it was acquired by WPP. His workers find him to be a good boss.

Segars- ARM Holdings

In 1991, Segars joined ARM Holdings as its 16th employee and he climbed up to the job of CEO in 2013. The Essex-born chief executive is well-respected and loved by his staff.

Khosrowshahi- Expedia

Born in Tehran, Khosrowshahi served as Expedia’s CEO since 2005, but has joined Uber for the same job in 2017. During his stint at Expedia, he received a very substantial approval rating from his workers.

Horta Osório – Lloyds Banking Group

The Portugal born banker is the CEO of Lloyds Banking Group, a position he got in 2011. He is responsible for the bank’s turnaround after the financial crisis and is quite hardworking. His employees have expressed their approval and appreciation for his efforts by terming him an excellent boss.

Roberts- AO

He is the founder as well as CEO of AO. The Bolton-born head of the white goods retailer has a 96 percent approval rating from his employees.

Bennett- HomeServe UK

He first trained as an accountant and then took a number of senior positions at HomeServe. He worked as the UK business’s finance director from where he became CFO and then group COO and eventually became the CEO of the UK unit. His effort and his ethics have earned him a 95 percent approval of his people.